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Monday, July 05, 2010

bitching bout my workplace, episode 3

all i wanted is to have a quiet life. come to wrk do my things, maintain good relationships with office ppl den go home after work. but it seems so difficult here. when i 1st joined, it was still ok. lunchtime was simple with the lunch ppl. no need to beware wat u say or siam who cause dun wan 2 lunch with her. office was ok n every1 was friendly to one another except for tt few ramblings bout 1 or 2 spoilers.

but within a short period of 1,2 months, everything seem to go haywire and ppl started to get unhappy or unfriendly. ppl got sacked, mass resignation and backstabbing. its really terrible. i've nvr seen anything lik tis b4. my previous companies oso nt lik tt. very family like and helpful towards one another.

this place really makes my morale very low n spoils the mood. it makes me dread about mondays-fridays and sometimes (well, most of the times) saturday mornings. i really hate tis place and i hope i can get out of tis hellhole soon. b4 i go down with it.

~ { 9:38 AM }
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 words, totally gay!

~ { 10:29 PM }
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dont ever go to 湾仔香港茶奶店 Wan Chai Hongkong Tea Room at IMM lvl 3 beside Daiso. The food taste terrible, quantity is pathetic, customer service is lousy, staff throw utensils on your table and show your black face and some of the porcelain utensils have chipped surfaces that could cut yiur lips. Horrible place to eat.

~ { 11:02 PM }
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Some cause happiness wherever they go;
others whenever they go.

~ { 9:45 PM }
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome back to episode 2 of
"bitching about my workplace"

at my workplace, we are supposed to come up with 2 suggestions annually. most of the time, the more conscientious among us will think of processes which we could improve on and use them as suggestions to meet our quota.

Recently I suggested something which I thought could really make life better for the affected staff. Being an obedient staff, I wrote in and submitted the suggestion. Just as I thought that wow my first suggestion is going to get implemented, I get news that it was rejected. So I say, well at least I tried. Little did I realize that things are not as simply as I thought them to be.

Apparently, my idea was “adopted” by the managers. They accepted it among themselves, revamped it and used it as their own submission. As if turning around and getting my ass fucked wasn’t enough, they had the cheek to confront me and asked why did I use their idea, change it and submit as my own. Me, myself and I being alone was of course unable to defend against the horde of bitches and succumbed to their ramblings.

the last straw is coming

~ { 10:36 AM }
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in an organisation, u'll meet all sort of people. let us talk about 2 types of people we meet today. how would you like to have backstabbers and superiors who show favortism at your workplace? an absoulute knockout.

at the place where i work at, there is tis particular staff who likes to backstab people. she is the troublemaker who always likes to get others into trouble. a more appopriate way would be to say that she is a double headed snake. she will say 1 bad thing about A toB and likewise say 1 bad thing about B to A, thus making them dislikeeach other. she would complain to the higher management of small little triffles and get affected people into big trouble for small matters. she likes to meddle in other people's private affairs and spread the news around once she gets it. when questioned, she wil pretend that she is not the 1 and say "wow who is that person who spreads rumours?" nice isnt it?

as if havin a backstabber isnt enough, the managers here show favortism. certain ppl in their clique can "choose" their portfolio. they can say no when given a specific task and simply push the work to other ppl. when this happens, the work that needs to be done simply falls onto the next available poor soul. these staff can take their own sweet time and cluster fuck every morning to chitchat while the managers do nothin. while some other staff not under her favortism tries the same thing, he or she wil get a warning or simply get shooed lik a herd of cows. u as a leader of the grp show favortism to selected staff. ppl whom u dun show favortism will be sure to dislike u. the people here simply throws work to others and talk withou using the brain.

stay tuned again for the next episode of
"bitching about my workplace"

~ { 11:02 AM }
mingli ♥s and is ♥ed

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

its those eyes again. the way those people look at you. sometimes i really wonder, wat kind of wrong have i ever done? why do they look at me with that kind of eyes? am i but an animal? i'm human too. i'm just here to work and earn a living. that is all.

~ { 2:42 PM }
mingli ♥s and is ♥ed